Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simplicity 1353

or as I've been calling it, the Picnic Dress.

This is one of the few times I've successfully sewn with a modern day sewing pattern. It was really easy to put together and there were no questionable diagrams.

I highly recommend it for beginners!

You can buy it here.

I really liked the flattering circle skirt has pockets! I liked that they don't awkwardly poof like in other patterns I've used in the past. The location isn't too high or too low.

I made the dress out of a vintage green and creme gingham. Thus, the "Picnic Dress (:

If I could go back and change something, I'd make it with a little less circle skirt and more of an A-line. I'd also shorten the straps by maybe 1/2".

Okay, I'm sure you want to see what the dress looks like!

I wore this dress with my thrifted Vivienne Westwood shoes!! They originally retail about $250 and I got them for $6!

It was a comfortable wear for a fun snow cone date in Dallas.  Not to mention I only spent around $10 on my whole outfit. 


Monday, April 6, 2015

Thrift Store Finds: Jewelry Edition

The thrift stores have been nothing but good to me lately.

To many the jewelry section of thrift stores is either nonexistent or a sea of cheap, neon, and dated pieces. I promise if you have to patiences to dig, you'll find gorgeous pieces or the past and/or something fun, quirky, and kitsch.

However, it really is a hit or miss.


 Okay, this is one of my all time favorite finds! I think everyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I have an affinity for cameos. They're just so feminine and romantic! I remember being little and my mother always being a fan of them. I could go on with how much I love them and why..but I'll share with you another time. There's actually a funny-ish story behind this 1960's all black cameo. The lady at the cash register mistakenly punched in 2.99 instead of 12.99. It was a pretty awesome mistake and was lucky to get it at that price!

I thought this 1960's piece was fun. It really reminds me of tooled leather. Is there a name for it? At 99 cents, this was the cheapest piece of jewelry I bought.

Just a plain black beaded necklace. Great layering. I actually think I'd like to pair this with an oversized black onyx and mother of pearl cameo my mom gave me. Hmmm...

This ring!! I have the matching brooch!!! I was so excited when I pulled it up from the bottom of a bin. Oh the possibilities!!! Definitely from the 60's and worth the $6.

I thought this ring was funky and cool. I'll probably wear it with a casual outfit. I'm sure people are bound to ask questions whenever I decide to wear it. $2

I fell in love with this 1960's glass stone ring. It's absolutely clear when off, but when worn it has this blueish/blackish tint. It's really interesting. It also has flowers on the side of the setting. I think this was $3.

As for clothing & shoes? I've been finding some amazing designer pieces! Be sure to check instagram to get sneak peeks of my most recent finds and projects I'm working on.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Resistol & Stetson Factory Tour

If you're wondering what's Resistol? Stetson? You toured what kind of factory?

If you don't wear hats...much less cowboy hats or live in the South, then I can understand why you're unfamiliar with the western & formal hat brands.

It is a little known fact that in the city of Garland, you can find one of the biggest hat factories in the U.S.

I took a tour of the factory with my friends from The Dallas Millinery Society.

It was really surprising to see how much of a hands on task it is to start and finish a hat. It's not all machine work. It was pretty amazing overall!

Oh and they have a hat/western wear outlet next door. It's super huge and inexpensive! I highly recommend checking it out and even calling to schedule a tour.

Photos c/o David Fisher

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thrift Store Finds: March 15

Because of a high demand, I will be posting all my thrift store finds! I do have a few sewing projects and styled photoshoots to show off. In the mean time I will be posting my finds and a little blurb about them. I hope to inspire you to stay trendy on a budget like I do!


This probably has to be my favorite find in awhile. I absolutely love trench coats and capes, so to find a combo of the two was amazing! I love that it has a wide elastic around the waist to cinch your waist, that way you don't look frumpy. It also reminded me a bit of a coat worn in Shut Up & Let's Go. This jacket is by Ambition. I believe it's a private label carried by Nordstrom. I didn't really find anything on price points though. I paid $3 and it was worth every penny.


I feel like this late 1960's halter top is something Megan Draper would wear in the last season. I fell in love with the bright and bold print. Very groovy! $3 was okay with me.

Who can resist a 100% cashmere sweater set from Neiman Marcus. I really think that sweater sets are a basic and timeless. I can picture my self wearing it with several fall and spring outfits. Cashmere sweater sets from Neiman's retail around $400 and I only spent $8.


Knowing that color trend reports are expecting the currently in style pastels to evolve to icy/grey tones for Spring/Resort 2016. That is what helped me pick this icy blue cotton sateen skirt.  I also love that it has pockets! I have like a billion ivory/cream/white blouse that'll look great with it. However, we'll see how creative I can get with it. The skirt is Loft, where similar skirts retail around $50-$60. I paid $2, saving around $48-58. 

These are made of a brocade, which I have an affinity for. As known, I'm usually not a floral person, but I did love the simple rose buds. I think there's something a bit romantic about the piece. It's labeled Cousin Earl which falls under Dallas clothing company, Ivy Jane. From my understanding, you can only find the label in boutiques around Texas & Oklahoma. I had no luck finding a price point. $4 seemed like an okay price to pay for the U.SA. made garment.


I thought this Voom by Joy Han was the coolest! I really love the grecian print and the lightweight material. $5 compared to $80-$120 retail price sounds like a good deal to me. 


I've been super lucky with finding shoes at the thrift store!! Can you believe I've found two pairs of Ferragamo's and a brand new pair of Giani Bini's?

These Ferregamo flats are my favorite right now. I love the snakeskin detail and the fact that they're suitable for everyday. These were only $4!! A pair of flats are usually $500!!

These Ferragamo slingback pumps are my 3rd pair and the most expensive I've paid for them. They were $6, but of course totally worth it. Heels are more expensive and run around $700.

Lastly, I found this brand new pair of Giani Bini's, which you can find at Dillard's. Heels normally retail $60-$90. I'm really not sure what I'm going to wear with these, but I really liked the faux embossed leather.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lucy Dang FW15 - Fall into Fantasy

Just wanted to share my most recent styling work. I know I haven't had much time to blog, but it's been all sorts of crazy busy at my Internship. They gave me the amazing opportunity to wardrobe style their FW15 Campaign, Fall into Fantasy. I promise to post the pictures of the editorial as soon as they're up! In the mean time I will leave you with a short video we did for the campaign. Enjoy!

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