Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Glossy Box - January Review

Ever since I ordered Sephora Play Box subscription, I got really curious about other subscription boxes. In December, I ordered two new subscriptions, the first one I want to talk about is Glossy Box.

Glossy Box sends you 5 full sized products each month. When you first sign up, they ask you about what beauty products you use, what you'd like to try out, type of make up you wear, etc. They send you different brands, from high to low. It's $21 a month, but they sometimes have deals. 

I know I said I started this subscription in December, but do to the holidays I never got a chance to do a review.

First off, this is the most beautifully packaged subscription box that I have seen! The box is also a nice quality and is good for storing things.  It's always nice that you're not only paying for the items, but beautiful packaging.

These are the 5 items that I received.  Now because it is a bit on the pricer side, my mom and I have decided to split it. I only used 4 out the 5 items pictured and is what I'll be reviewing.

What it does/is supposed to do?

Hydrating body cream without feeling greasy.

My thoughts:  

I haven't used this as directed. However, I've been carrying it in my purse and using it on my hands as needed. The packaging to this lotion is super pretty and elegant.  It also smells AMAZING!!! It smells like milk and honey.  The scent used is called "Venetian Grove".  This creme definitely doesn't feel greasy or leave your hands feeling moist like most other lotions. It's the main reason why I have started carrying it in my purse and use it throughout the day. I will probably end up buying this creme once I am out.

What it does/is supposed to do?

Moisturize dry and cracked heels.

My thoughts:

This foot cream does leave your feet really soft. I've been using it after putting on a foot mask. I've noticed that my heels have become significantly softer compared to regular lotion. I'm not sure if I'd buy this again though. I usually just put regular lotion on my feet. 

What it does/is supposed to do?

A make up primer that evens out your skin tone. 

My thoughts:

This is the one product that my mom ended up taking. I don't believe that she has tried it yet. 

What it does/is supposed to do?

Matte/velvet finish lip pencil. 

My thoughts:

I really wanted to love this. I love the color, it's extremely pigmented and leaves a beautiful matte finish. However, I thought it was really chalky almost. I think it would be worn best as a lip liner or layered with a lip gloss.

What it does/is supposed to do?

This rinse is supposed to remove product build up and reset the PH balance in your hair. 

My thoughts:

I've only used this product a couple of times, I haven't really noticed much of a difference. It does smell good though! I'll keep on using it and see if I see a difference. 

Here I am wearing that MeMeMe lip glide and after rinsing my hair with the Lemon rinse.

I really love Glossy Box and think the money is worth it. I like it a lot better than Sephora's Play Box because I get full sized items and items I wouldn't normally buy. I even cancelled my Sephora subscription box because I'd rather spend the extra money to get full sized products. 

Stay tuned for my next review on the other beauty subscription box I've been ordering.


Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Goals

It's hard to believe that 2015 has left us so quick! It feels like it was only a few months ago! It was a bit of a difficult year for me and I hope 2016 is a lot better. I need to keep myself motivated; which is why I'm sharing my list of goals I'd like to complete before 2016 ends.

1. Travel
I did get to go to cool cities like Miami and New Orleans, but I didn't spend enough time there! I really want to go see new things and experience different cultures. I already have an Alaska trip in the works, but want to see if I can visit a few more places.

2. Read 13 books
I had told myself I would read 10 books before this year ended. However, I only got to finish 3! So I would really like to reach those 10 plus the 3 I did read. I even joined 2 bookclubs! I'm also kinda obsessed with Goodreads. I had no idea how resourceful it is! So please add me as a friend if you're a book lover as well!

3. Learn at least 2 Vietnamese phrases
I never knew how complicated the Vietnamese language was until I downloaded one of those language learning apps! It's you can learn a word, but depending on the pitch you use, you might end up saying a totally different word! It's definitely challenging and only know how to say "Hello" and "Thank you". It would be really cool if I knew how to say something helpful. I might even invest in Rosetta Stone soon since I can't find classes anywhere in Dallas.

4. Get back into sewing
After working for a prominent Dallas designer and taking a full semester of design school, you'd think this would be easy.  I extremely stressed when I walk in my studio, so I haven't even bothered. It makes me a little sad because sewing is one of the main reasons why I am at where I am at. I'd like to participate in a sewalong, but I'm not going to force myself if I still don't feel like it. Have any of you ever lost your sewing mojo?

5. Purge my vintage collection
I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that I don't dress full on vintage anymore.I'm not getting rid of everything, I just want to feel challenged when I dress myself. With vintage, I could walk in with my eyes closed and easily pull a look together. Within the next few weeks, most of my vintage clothing will be put on eBay. You can keep up by clicking the "Shop my Closet tab" I know this blog has focused a lot on vintage fashion and sewing! It's also how I've gotten to meet so many wonderful people and become friends with other cool vintage fiends! This was something extremely hard to admit to myself and to tell you. However, I just feel that this chapter of my life is finished and I'm ready to move on.

6. Blog more
I know I always say that! I feel that Through the Alley has focused so much on vintage and sewing the last 5 years; I want to expand that a bit more. I want to include my thoughts on products and anything that tickles my fancy. That way I won't feel as I've run out of things to type. This blog has literally opened the door for me in the Dallas fashion world and I'm thankful for all my readers. I'm amazed I've kept some of you entertained for this long. I promise a giveaway in the near future!

What are your New Year's goals or resolutions?

Happy New Year!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Sephora Play Box - November 2015

It took me awhile to get to writing this review! I wanted to try the products for a longer period of time to see the effects and to fairly decide I how I felt about the products.  November's theme was about exclusive products sold only at Sephora.  I never really realized that there were products that were only sold at Sephora.  I did feel that the items they sent were a bit random, but hey I'll take anything!

Here's what I received last month:

What it does/supposed to do? This lip pencil is made from edible ingredients and is supposed to be long lasting matte lip color. You can also use it as a lip liner.

My thoughts: I really liked this color! It's a bit darker than what I normally wear, but still great for an everyday look. I like the fact that the ingredients it's made out of are okay to eat. However, as a lipstick junkie I don't really mind the ingredients as long as it's a good color. It's definitely long lasting which is nice. You can even eat and the color still stays on. I did try using it as a lip liner, but I found the tip to be too fat. I recommend this if you're not a fan of lipsticks or lip gloss. I also like how easily it is to stick in a small pocket and easy to store. I'd be interested in trying other colors.

What it does/is supposed to do? An eyeliner that is waterproof and supposed to last 12 hours.

My thoughts: This is such a pretty color! I loved using it on my bottom waterline. It was fun to give my everyday cat eye a fun twist. This definitely lasts more than 12 hours! There was even a day that I wore it, and I cried a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it hadn't smudged. I think this is a great buy for $10. I'm really interested in trying out the black one.

What it does/supposed to do? A lipgloss that plumps your lips and is shimmer free.

My thoughts: I am not a lipgloss fan at all. I just don't like the texture or the shininess. I was eager to try this one though. I was excited to learn that this was a shimmer free blend. The color is a nice pinky nude. It's no secret that I have pretty thin lips. I honestly wouldn't mind if my upper lip were a bit plumper. I was excited to see the plumping effect. I've used this gloss several times now, but it doesn't plump my lips at all. It just has short tingly/minty feeling, but there was no change at all. I don't recommend it if you want a plump lip without getting fillers. However, if you are interested in a shimmer free gloss, then this is for you!

What it does/is supposed to do? A hydrating primer to make your make up last longer.

My thoughts: I had high hopes for this one. I really love Make Up For Ever's products and have never tried a "bad" product from them. I normally use Smashbox's primer and I love it. This one however made my face really greasy and shiny. I had to keep putting on powder on my face throughout the day. This was the one product in the box that I really disliked. Do any of you guys like this one?

What it does/is supposed to do? A multipurpose hydrating oil.

My thoughts: I loved this product so much!! It's so lightweight and scentless. It has kept my skin really hydrated. I love using it on my face and elbows. I had these dry spots on my elbows and they're really faded now. My only complaint is that you need to use a lot of it. However, I still plan on buying it. I also want to try the lotion they sell.

6. STELLA by Stella McCartney - $72

What it does/supposed to do? A perfume with rose, peony, mandarin, and amber tones.

My thoughts: This smells so good! It really smells like roses! However, it's not overpowering like other floral scented perfumes. I think this is my favorite perfume that I've been sent so far. It's really feminine without being "cheesy". I would say it's a glamorous scent!

Here's my obligatory selfie wearing all the products! I'm kinda excited to find more ways to wear the blue eyeliner.

I just got my December box and I'm excited to try the new samples! What's your current favorite beauty product? 

- A. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Casual Date Night

Do you ever feel like you get in the cycle of going to the same places each time you go out? I was starting to feel like this and the boyfriend suggested we venture out to try a new restaurant. Now don't get me wrong, we love trying new places out. However, when we find a place we place we like, we go  it until we get bored.

After contemplating for maybe 45 minutes or so, we decided to try out Ten Ramen. This was definitely a great experience and the food was amazing! It's a standing room only and there are no take outs. They also encourage slurping your noodles. I love that the small restaurant has an open kitchen, so you can see the cleanliness. This is a must try spot and has become my favorite ramen shop in Dallas. 

I don't remember which ramen I had, but it was the ramen of the week. It was sweet and sour with a spicy kick. I love that you can request extras in your bowl. I asked for tofu because it's one of my favorite items to eat in a soup.

I think the only downfall to Ten Ramen is the location. It was a bit tricky to find.

After leaving Ten Ramen, we decided to stroll around the area. That's when we stumbled upon Whisk Crepes Cafe. We decided to go in and eat dessert there. It is such a cute cafe!!!

 I loved how they have a large menu offering savory and sweet crepes. I believe the owner was the person to attend us. He was really sweet! He checked up on us a couple of times. They've only been open for 2 months and I'm sure it's going to be a mega hit in the area! We ordered the crepes with Poached Pears, salted caramel , whipped cream, candied ginger. I've had a fair amount of crepes in my lifetime and I have to say these are the best crepes I've ever had!!!  I also love that the crepes are made with mostly local products. The  other products come from Austin. Pretty amazing knowing that the ingredients are all Texas based. I'm looking forward to going back and trying their other crepes. 

I'll leave you with what I wore! I kept it casual with a denim skirt and navy tee. I'm pretty much obsessed with these a-line snap up skirts that are found just about everywhere these days. Totally inspired by the 70's, yet easily turned modern. I've never been a fan of denim skirts, but I like this one because of the silhouette and the fact that I can dress it up. 

Also, is winter ever going to happen in Dallas? lol

Tee: "Le Muscle"by Frame in Navy via Intermix $30 (org. $98)
Sandals: Zara - Super Old

Have you tried any new restaurants? What's your current favorite?


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stars from yester-year we’re STILL obsessed with

Hollywood’s Golden Age, running roughly from the 1920s to the 1970s, is a time we all look back on with varying degrees of nostalgia. It was a time of body-conscious silhouettes, bouffant hair styles, smouldering stares and impeccable styling. Of course, this great style wasn’t just restricted to the studio film stars, who fronted some of the most exciting and memorable films of the age, but to the singers and dancers who also performed and wowed the world. In a world of fast-fashion, trends that change with every season and ‘newness’ practically on-tap, this period of signature looks and perfectly pieced together ensembles should be revered for its classicism, for the effort that went into looking so polished and perfect. We’ve selected some of our favourite vintage looks from some of the world’s vintage stars whose looks we’d still like to replicate ourselves today.

Eartha Kitt

Once described by Orson Welles as ‘the most exciting woman in the world’, Eartha Kitt was a fiery woman whose talent seemed to know no bounds. Throughout the fifties and sixties, Kitt worked as an actress of Broadway theatre and film, and a commercial singer (her song is the classic Christmas hit ‘Santa Baby’). A creative and versatile artiste, her achievements in performance cannot be overlooked; but she was also famous for her staunch anti-war stance on Vietnam and was an advocate for LGBT rights. A woman with conscience and creativity, her style saw her adopt svelte bodycon dresses and two pieces, whilst her hair was always coiffed to curly perfection. Recreate her style by opting for sweetheart necklines, chandelier earrings and statement jewellery; for off-duty occasions, turtleneck sweaters and chic tapered trousers.

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth’s star rose to huge heights during the 1940s, starring in popular and critically acclaimed films like Gilda and Cover Girl. She was one of the most recognisable actressesin the world, famous for her effortless charm, her singular good looks and even served as inspiration for Stephen King’s book Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. One of her most famous looks was in the aforementioned film Gilda: to perform the iconic song and dance number ‘Put the Blame on Mame’ she wore a strapless, all-black dress with a split up the leg and a pair of matching gloves. The block-colour scheme conveyed her femme-fatale status in the film; it is a colour that is powerful, sexual and entirely self-possessed. Consequently, many have found the look to be alluring and sensual, brought to life by her winning smile and her tumbling curly hair.

Betty Grable

A contemporary of Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable was another of the 1940s and 1950s’ biggest stars, only contracted to a rival film company. Alongside her string of Technicolor musicals and her starring turn in How To Marry a Millionaire alongside Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall, she was most famous for her pin-up style. In particular, a photograph of Betty wearing in a bathing suit, her curly hair piled right on top of her head and glancing cheekily over her shoulder has become one of the most iconic film photographs of the twentieth century. Unafraid to play with high hemlines, recreate
Betty’s style with high waisted shorts or jeans to accentuate your waist and finish with a silken floral shirt or blouse on top.

Shop similar styles at Mary Jane Fashion.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun article contributed by Mary Jane Fashion! Be sure to check them out!