Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Comfy Chic

It's sometimes hard finding motivation to look somewhat fashionable when it's super cold outside and you just want to wear leggings and Uggs.

I don't know if it's the cold weather or being flat out lazy, but I'm really loving knits right now. They're so stretchy and soft, who wouldn't want to wear that?

I recently got a design internship and want to show up somewhat cute. So, I wore my currently favorite dress - a Cynthia Rowley heather grey knit dress with 3/4 sleeves.

The fact that it's so plain makes it fun! You can do all sorts of things with it. I think I could possibly give it a night look too. Point is, everyone needs plain solid dresses!

Here's how I wore it today:

Merino Wool Coat - Prada via thrifted ($32)
Denim jacket - Levi's C/O mom's closet
Hermès Scarf - Thrifted ($2)
3/4 sleeve knit dress - Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's ($16)
Tights - Hot Sox Cashmere C/O gifted
Nude lace oxfords - Dollhouse via Ross ($17)

I decided to keep it simple and wear it with a denim jacket. For a pop of color and fanciness, I tied my olive green and gold Hermès scarf (fake?). I also wore brown cashmere tights to keep my legs nice and warm. As for shoes, I just put on nude lacey oxfords to add a bit of texture and neutralize the outfit.

Due to the cold temperature, I threw on my olive green Prada coat. One of my favorite finds from the thrift store!

I recently watched a K-drama were the main character's signature look was coat slinging or wearing a cape. I've been obsessed since! I know I'm pretty late on the trend. I also really hope it doesn't go away soon.

I was extremely warm and comfortable, all while looking pretty decent (:

What's your current favorite article of clothing? Do you like knits too? What do you think of coat slinging?


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My experience at Fashion X

If you live in Dallas and know anything about fashion events, then I'm sure you heard all about Fashion X.

Fashion X was a 3 night event showcasing different designers from the area including season 3 winners of Project Runway.

A friend gifted me a ticket ($200) to a front row seat. It was a lot of fun being able to be in the audience instead of helping out in the back.

It didn't really occur to me to take pictures of the designers that were showcasing, but I did document my favorites of the night.

Pre-Show Mingling c/o The Vanna Collins Show:

Quick Note: As for what I wore, a black two toned cocktail dress with a dark brown mink stole.

A couple of my favs:

Finale from Rare Trends

Finale from Esè Azenabor. Whom I've had the pleasure of working backstage before.

Another Designer that really stuck out to me was Isabella Rose Taylor. She made headlines for opening New York Fashion Week at only 13 years old. I think that's really inspiring!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dia de los Muertos

Due to a family emergency, I had to take a break from blogging. Everything is better than it ever was now, so I can finally return here.

November 1st was Dia de los Muertos and I went out to a community event.

I wanted to look festive, so I made myself a headpiece out crepe paper.

It only took me about 30 minutes to make. I really liked the fact that my headpiece was not going to be like the rest of the headpieces out there; most are of acrylic flowers.

Here's the head piece. I made the flowers and then just hot glued them to a plain black headband.

As for the rest of my outfit, I decided to wear a 1970's hand embroidered dress. I picked up the vintage dress at a thrift store for $3. You can tell from the inside of the dress that it was embroidered by hand and not a machine like most are done these days.

Overall the event was just okay, but I did have fun dressing up in something from my culture.

Stay tuned to see my current work in project!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Love Letter to Plaid: School Girl Plaid

The weather seems to finally be cooling down here. If you've been a long time follower of this blog you should know what this means for me! It's time to whip out the plaid! I still have a deep love for plaid and over the spring and summer, I added even more to my collection. 

How I wish I would wear traditional plaids during summer. Don't get me wrong I still love gingham, madras, and all other check patterned light weight fabrics we see. There's just something about the fall color schemes and the touch of flannel and wool on a cool day that makes it way more enjoyable. 

Do you feel the same way? What print or fabric do you absolutely love?

Yesterday was date day and I chose to wear plaid (of course!). 

The weather was cool but it was far from cold. I paired a short sleeve knit blouse that is one of my all time favorite and was given to me by my mom. It's an Anne Klein from Dillard's and I've had it for years! I absolutely love the fit and it has such a versatile silhouette. The skirt happens to be an early 90's (cringe!) school uniform skirt that I picked up from one of my local thrifts for $1!! I absolutely love the length and the fact that the pleats don't start until after the hips. No alterations were needed at all! It is a teensy weensy bit big, but not noticeable. You can find the exact same t-strap flats here. They okay for every day wear, but I prefer something of higher quality. I'm still on the lookout for something under $40, but these will do for now. To finish the outfit, I of course put on a vintage brooch. 

Please excuse my dandruff -__- This cat or fox? brooch is from the 60's and I found him at an antique mall in Irving. He makes me think of cat in the hat and was only $1.50 so I had to take hime home with me. 

Date day included lunch at Eno's Pizza in the Bishop Arts district. I'm not too crazy about that place, but we were starving and had no clue where else to go. We ended the date with a slice of pie a la mode from Pie Emporium. 

I can't wait to share my next plaid outfit with you! Oh and keep an eye out for my $2 Burberry merino wool sweater blouse.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stickers Galore

Lately, I've been on a paper crafting kick! I've gotten really into pen pal-ing and searching for the perfect kawaii washi tape.

I even created a different instagram account to show my snail mail.

I've since decided to sell my paper goods online. I have a variety of stickers and will be introducing a special Halloween line!

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